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What is happening at 308 Parkside?


The City of Hamilton has approved 44-rental homes on the grounds of 308 Parkside Drive in February 2023. The development will have a mix of two-storey townhouses and three-storey walk-ups. Construction is expected to start in July 2024.  


In terms of parking, 50 dedicated stalls will be added for non-residential uses in addition to those dedicated for the residential tenants.  

What will be available to rent?


This development will provide rental housing, including 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units. These new homes will be zero-carbon, beautiful and desirable. Once the development is built, Kindred Works will be the property manager, ensuring the grounds and property are well maintained.  The majority of the units will be at the prevailing market rental rate. Through the support of the National Housing Strategy, the project is financed through the Apartment Construction Loan Project (ACLP), allowing for a small percentage of the units to be offered at 30 percent of the median total income of all families in the area.   

What are the other features of the design?


The development is climate-safe and designed for the 2050 climate. It is designed to be all-electric and energy efficient with zero on-site carbon emissions and includes passive strategies to reduce operating costs throughout the building’s life. The project also includes a children’s play area and a community garden. 

What about accessibility?


The building code requires 15 percent of units in any residential development to be accessible. This project increases to 20 percent of the units will be designed with accessibility features, which means the homes can be understood, accessed, and used by people with diverse needs and abilities (like kids, parents, seniors, people with injuries or illnesses, and people with disabilities). 

What’s the timeline for the development?


Following public consultation in 2022 and approval from the City of Hamilton in 2023, Construction is due to start in July 2024, and will take about 18 months to complete.  

What is St James United Church’s perspective?


The church exists to support the needs of the wider community. Its members are active in community outreach, including support to migrant workers, addressing local food insecurity, providing food and clothing to housing-challenged persons on the streets of Hamilton, and providing a host of 2SLGBTQ+-affirming programming for children, youth, adults and seniors. It also provides gathering space for mission partners and groups who contribute to the community including converting space recently to accommodate a childcare on the site.  


The investment of its surplus land in this project contributes to a financially sustainable ecosystem that will allow it to continue its programs into the future. 

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